Breakfast Not Included (Part One)

“What’s going on here dammit? Where the hell is everyone? How are we suddenly the only fucking people in this shitehole of a hotel?!”
It wasn’t just his colourful language that showed Adam was freaking out. I had to calm him down before I lost him to the same oblivion Susan had fallen into, or I’d be dragging two vegetable around with me. Actually stuff it, if it came to that I’d leave them both behind, a pair of baskets in the corridor waiting for death under what I figured to be one of the worst landscape paintings I’d ever seen. What a way to go.
“I don’t know mate, but we’re going to figure this out and get out of here ok? I need you to hold it together though, Susan needs us and I can’t do this alone.”
Adam’s eyes turned towards the mute woman cowering behind us, and immediately his eyes sharpened. Say what you like about the Scots, none would let down a damsel in distress. It brings out the alpha-male protector in them. He took a deep breath and looked right into my eyes.
“Alright, ok. What do we do now?”
How do I always get myself into the position of leading? I don’t ask for it, I don’t try for it, and I certainly don’t want it. All my life I tried to avoid anything that felt like responsibility yet somehow people always dumped it on me while I was looking in the other direction. I figured it wasn’t so bad at that moment though, Adam was a good bloke but I’m not sure I trusted him to lead me to the end of the corridor without winding me up, and Susan wasn’t exactly leadership material right then.

“Well I guess we need to find everyone else. If there is anyone alive.”
I shuddered as I thought of the mess in the room where we found Susan. It looked like someone had been butchered in there; the carpet was wet with blood and we found half a hand by the door. Whatever had happened it there was bad with a capital F. It was no wonder Susan was so gone when we found her, curled up over her own knees and sobbing but completely unresponsive. We had only learned her name from her passport left on the bedside table. That was almost three hours ago and she still hadn’t said a word, or even given any indication that she was aware of our presence at all.
“We can’t get out,” I continued, “so for now we don’t have many options. Maybe we can find a phone…or a weapon.”
Adam seemed to think for a moment then said simply, “Kitchen. Knives.”
I had to hand it to him, that was probably our surest way to find something to defend ourselves with. I took Susan’s hand and led her toward the stairs at the end of the corridor, with Adam following behind, his eyes glancing constantly around like some kind of squirrel with a panic disorder. I would rather be alone, but something very bad was going on and if I hit trouble I wanted some backup, or at the least someone to use as fodder while I escaped!

We were just taking the first steps down to the first floor when the silence was torn apart by a terrifying scream from the floor above us. I barely had time to register what was happening before Adam was sprinting up the flight of stairs. Suddenly I wasn’t so keen on his inability to resist a damsel in distress, and I strongly suspected it would get us all killed.


~ by RealJIMMY on January 20, 2013.

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