If They Could Talk

You spend so much time taking video game heroes through incredible adventures, but while you are just tapping buttons did you ever stop to consider how it feels for them?

They call it “blinking”, as if to suggest it is as easy as that. Well it feels exactly like it is: a massive acceleration of every part of my body simultaneously then a jarring stop that shakes my organs around inside. It feel like being hit by a speeding tank, and it takes everything I’ve got not to scream out in pain each time!

“Lets spin-smash through that wall!” Did you never learn that just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should do it? How would you like it if I made you jump through every plate glass window you passed, hmm?

Do you have any idea what this feels like?! My arm is literally torn apart, shredded inside out, then twists into this sick perversion that makes me sick! Not just a little sick, deep intense nausea that stretches to my soul and leaves it’s mark there. I am an abomination, I hate myself and what I have become!

Dead Space
No amount of therapy will ever save me from the pure terror and horrors that I have been through for your entertainment. I hope you have nightmares every night of your life, because I know I do.

Why do you make me run all the time? Right across the land you make me run! Why can’t I just call a taxi? I’m a fat plumber for God’s sake – you’re going to give me a heart attack! My feet are in tatters, and my butt is so beaten the bones are bruised!


~ by RealJIMMY on May 2, 2013.

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