A Wonderiffical World

Ladies and gentleplankton, welcome to my world,
With spider-web trees and a monument of knees
There’s oodles to do,
And doodles to see!

You’ll squawk and squeak at the strongful sight
Of sparkletails in the sunrise
Or a nannymoth family
sunbathing at night.

There’s a farm for frozen funghoppers
Far from fierce faddleflops
Who flop on frozen funghoppers for fun

And a truck of tired tyres who like to tease
Swerving sleepily sideways
Almost smashing the tuckabees’ trees

Ladies and gentleplankton, enjoy my world!
Today I am very busy so journey on without me,
I have toodles to oo
And noodles to be!


~ by RealJIMMY on May 5, 2013.

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